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Established in 2010, Canadian Friend Translations offers professional, thorough, efficient and high-quality translations based on dynamic, flexible, customized and friendly services.

Anita Simard is a professional English to French translator with expertise in areas such as Environment, Agriculture and Food, Health and Safety, Leisure and Tourism, Sports, Communication, Marketing and Advertising, Human Resource Management, Textile, Web Sites and more.

She holds an Honours BA in Translation from York University. She also holds a Certificate in Translation from University of Toronto and a College degree in Fashion Design.

Determined to find the right word, Anita has three objectives: accuracy with respect to the original text, clarity of the message and effectiveness of communication.

Translation is not a matter of words only: it is a matter of making intelligible a whole culture. (Anthony Burgess)



The industry norm is for translators to bill by the word. This is more precise than hourly billing because the speed of the translator is not a factor. We avoid billing per page because the content of a “page” is difficult to define. Is it 100, 200 or 300 words? It all depends on the nature of the document, font, page layout, and even paper size.

Canadian Friend Translations offers a range of highly competitive rates. This is why we never impose fixed prices. We propose appropriate pricing after evaluating various aspects of the text to be translated, such as the field, the quality of the original text, time, length and format of delivery.

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Translators are bridges between people. (Victor Hugo)




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